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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers:
'Meet kittens' age - 9 to10 weeks old. 
'Take home' age - 13 to16 weeks old. 
Declawing not allowed. (Cats provided with scratching posts will not scratch furniture.) 

Reserving a Kitten

To reserve a kitten, we require a non-refundagle deposit of $400.00 
Contract is required. We will send it to you upon request. (Soon also linked on site.) 
TICA registration papers will be mailed to you upon proof of alter (no later than 7-8 months of age.)
No declawing is allowed. They will use a scraching post and will not scratch furniture if provided with post(s).

Health & Vaccination

Kittens are vaccinated for Rhinotracheihi, Calici, Pauleukopenia virus (FVRCP)

We do not recommend the Feline Leukemia or FIP vaccicine, since neither is necessary for indoor only cats.

TheYankeeCat cannot quarantee that a cat will never have this condition, but we are dedicated to make every effort to produce the healthest Maine Coon kittens possible.

Recommended method for HCM (Hyperthopic Cardiomyopathy) is screening via ultrasound and breeding stock and their parents and grandparents are screened for this disease.

Links to longer answers: 
Kitten Application 
Our Contract 

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